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ADHD Digital Planner for iPad - Android Tablets

GoodNotes - Notability - Xodo - PDF
$ 9
For Lifetime
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What's Inside

-Home Menu
-Template Menu
-Monthly and Undated Sections
-Weekly and Daily Layouts – Sunday and Monday starts both included
-Before and After Pages
-Monthly Goals
-Yearly Goals
-Monthly Tracker
-Monthly Workout Plan
-Weekly Workout Plan
-Daily Workout Plan
-Yearly Tracker
-Monthly Measurements
-Macro Tracking
-Sleep Tracker
-Period Tracker
-Doctor’s Appointment Pages
-Medicine Tracker
-Master Meal List
-Monthly Meal Planner
-Weekly Meal Planner
-Recipe Pages
-Monthly Inventory
-Grocery List
-7 notebooks with 6 different styles of pages (lined, blank, dotted, grid, checklist, checkboxes)
-And so much more!

GoodNotes ADHD Digital Planner

Effectively treating ADHD might be difficult in the fast-paced world of 2024. But don’t worry; this post is your guide to controlling ADHD with the help of the best ADHD planner. Continue reading to see how the appropriate ADHD planner may completely transform your life if you’re sick of feeling unorganized and overburdened.

The ADHD Brain and the Need for an ADHD Planner

To fully appreciate the advantages of an ADHD planner, one must have a thorough understanding of the ADHD brain. ADHD is often linked to issues with time management, task prioritization, and attention retention. The structure and order that persons with ADHD need to succeed are discussed in this article in relation to an ADHD planner.

Digital vs. Paper Planner: Which Is Right for You?

Selecting the best planner is a personal choice. The benefits of digital ADHD planners, such as their flexibility, personalization, and seamless integration with ADHD treatment practices, are discussed in this article. Discover why ADHD digital planners are often the chosen option for people with ADHD in 2024.

How Digital ADHD Planners Aid Time Management for ADHD

Those who suffer from ADHD often struggle with time management. Learn how digital ADHD planners‘ reminders, deadlines, and task prioritizing tools may aid with time management and the completion of daily activities and obligations.

The Best Digital ADHD Planner Apps for ADHD Adults

Get familiar with the best ADHD planner apps for grownups. Insights on the top ADHD digital planner apps, such as GoodNotes, and how they may cater to the special demands of ADHD folks, are provided here for the digital devotee as well as the digital planning newbie.

Templates and Reminders: Your ADHD-Friendly Toolkit

Effective digital ADHD planners include templates and reminders. Know how these traits may help ADHDers focus, manage, and achieve goals. The finest ADHD digital planners for organizing and productivity.

Project Management and Prioritizing Tasks with ADHD

With ADHD, projects and activities are often approached incoherently. Here, we explore how project management and the skill of work prioritization might be aided by digital ADHD planners. With the correct digital planning tools for ADHD, you can stay on track and achieve more.

Harnessing the Power of Google Calendar for ADHD

ADHDers may benefit greatly from Google Calendar’s time management. Utilize Google Calendar’s capabilities and use an ADHD digital planner to organize your schedule.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Digital Journaling

Writing in a journal is not the only therapeutic benefit. Learn how using an ADHD digital planner may help people with ADHD communicate their ideas and feelings, stay focused, and acquire understanding of their own habits and patterns.

Adapting to Digital Planning: Tips for a Seamless Transition

Making the switch to digital planning from conventional paper planners might be intimidating. The information in this area will help you transition as easily as possible and get the most of an ADHD digital planner.

Staying on Track with Unique Features

ADHD digital planners have special features that conventional planners cannot match. Investigate these features, which are designed to address the particular difficulties faced by people with ADHD, such as time blocking, digital stickers, and task management. You can concentrate and stay on task like never before with the perfect ADHD digital planner.

The strength of the ultimate ADHD digital planner will enable people with ADHD to take charge of their life in 2024, in conclusion.

You can reach your full potential, remain organized, and survive in a world that often seems overwhelming by adopting the perfect ADHD digital planner and putting the tips in this article into practice.



Numerous annotation applications, including those for Apple, Android, and the majority of Windows-based devices, are compatible with the Future ADHD Planner. for an exhaustive list of recommended software and hardware.


This app is not a standalone one. The Future ADHD Planner is an internal link and menu-structured planner file designed to work well with specialist annotation software. Although some installation may be required, we provide setup tutorial videos to assist you.


Since both the printed and digital versions of the planner are accessible in PDF format, you may print the digital version of the planner just like any other PDF. Please note, however:

The digital planner was made for tablet screens, so it may not print perfectly on A4 or letter paper, but it comes close.

The backdrop of the digital planner isn’t completely white, therefore you must alter your print settings to stop the background color from using too much ink.


The digital planner was designed primarily for portrait viewing. This layout choice was chosen with the purpose of ensuring a focused and distraction-free planning experience. Landscape mode is not recommended since it could add additional things and distractions, thus portrait mode is the better option.

Digital Download

  • You will get a digital download of this planner since it was created to be used with iPads and other tablet computers that support annotation software. You won’t get any shipment of goods. Inside the planner are user instructions and installation instructions. The planner should work for you “as is,” but you may also replicate the pages as you need them for your own usage.
  • Please provide your e-mail address when purchasing