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ADHD Digital Planner for iPad - Android Tablets

GoodNotes - Notability - Xodo - PDF
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GoodNotes ADHD Digital Planner

Revolutionize Your ADHD Management with Our Exceptional Planner!

Have you become weary of using generic planners that don’t exactly suit your requirements? You’ve found it! In terms of productivity and organization, our ADHD planner is a game-changer. What differentiates us? Here are the main justifications for choosing our planner as your go-to choice:

1. Expertly Designed: A group of professionals in ADHD management thoroughly created our planner. It is made with ADHD sufferers in mind, not simply people with organizational demands in general.

2. Psychologists Approved: We Are Serious About Your Well-Being. That’s why eminent psychologists who are aware of the particular difficulties you experience have given our planner their seal of approval. Our planner was created with your best interests in mind, so you may have confidence in it.

3. Superior Design: Unlike other planners on the market, ours is not only practical but also attractive. We think that a beautiful design improves the user experience and promotes frequent usage. Say goodbye to boring, cookie-cutter styles since our planner is distinctive and bold.

4. Complete Support: Our planner is more than simply a task-logging device; it’s also a system of complete assistance. To assist you with time management, goal setting and tracking, and job prioritization, it has been carefully crafted parts. Additionally, it provides advice and techniques that are geared especially for ADHD sufferers.

5. Empowerment and Success: Our objective is to provide you the tools you need to overcome ADHD’s difficulties and succeed in your endeavors. You’ll obtain the certainty and clarity you need to take command of your life and achieve on your terms with our planner at your side.

When it comes to controlling your ADHD, don’t accept less. Pick a planner that supports your path to success and is aware of your specific demands. With our skillfully crafted and psychologist-approved ADHD planner, which is the key to unlocking your maximum potential, discover the difference.

What's Inside

Remember Stuff

  • New Friend Names – Tracker
  • D&Ms with Friends – Tracker
  • ADHD tax Tracker (Help you to manage your text) – Tracker
  • Current Hyper-Focus List to Store All the Information You Deep-Dive Into
  • Parcel Tracker
  • 24 Hour Cart List
  • Podcasts I Want to Finish – Tracker
  • Books I Haven’t Finished or Started – Tracker
  • Assignment Due Date – Tracker
  • Passwords – Tracker

Self Care

  • Mood tracker
  • elf-care routine
  • Sleep tracker
  • Screen free tracker
  • Exercise + ADHD tracker
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Notes from therapy
  • ADHD coaching session notes
  • Medical appointments trackers
  • Quarterly Medication Tracker
  • Multiple Medication tracker

Things To Do

  • ADHD Daily Planner
  • ADHD Weekly Planner
  • ADHD Monthly Planner
  • Dopamine Task
  • Things Done in Days
  • Things Done in weekends
  • Div/Con Planning
  • Stress level Tracker
Healthy Habits
  • Self-care Assessment Wheel
  • Habit Visualization Journal
  • Quarterly Habit Planning
  • Habit Evaluation
  • Future Projection Habit Journal Page
  • Limiting Self-Belief Re-Frame
  • ADHD Coaching Session Notes

Projects Notebook

  • 36 blank notebooks for you to keep track of your creative ideas

Healthy Habits

  • The self-care assessment wheel
  • Habit visualization and habit tracking (including my unique journey mode!)
  • Habit evaluation step by step
  • Daily habit checkboxes on daily/weekly layouts
  • Limiting belief reframing

Domestic Domination

  • Chores & Cleaning
  • Cleaning List
  • Plant Health Tracker
  • Meal Tracker
  • Family Meal Planner
  • Grocery List

Focus & Doodle

  • Phone Call Focus
  • The Hyper-Focus
  • Productivity Proof
  • Time Tracker


  • Don’t Think Just Do
  • Calming Tips Cheat Sheet
  • When I feel Anxious Blank Cheat Sheet
  • Window Down Strategies
  • Fav Playlist
  • Family Meal Planner
  • Grocery List

Finance & Budget Planner

  • Yearly Finance Overview
  • Bank Information
  • Savings Tracker
  • Debt Payoff
  • Monthly Finance
  • Finance Tracker
  • Spend Challenge
  • Sinking Funds Tracker

You will receive:

  • 660+ page PDF digital planner file
  • 6600+Digital stickers (png format )
  • 100 Digital widgets
  • 40+ Covers
  • Sunday& Monday Start Planner

BONUS 1: 6600+ Digital Sticker Pack
BONUS 2: Digital Covers

Unlocking Neurodivergent-Friendly Planning ⭐

If you have ADHD, are you ready to change the way you plan and handle your life? Our digital planner gives a new way to look at work and planning, and it was made with people with different types of brains in mind.

🧠 Embracing the ADHD Brain: A Unique Challenge

ADHD minds are a creative and energetic tornado. However, the limitless options may easily become overwhelming, resulting in dissatisfaction and the rejection of conventional planning.

🌟 Your Planner, Redefined

Here’s when our tailor-made planner comes in handy. Careful consideration was given to making each template the best possible resource for people with ADHD. These web sites provide first-rate assets for dependable achievement, including daily planning, habit monitoring, food planning, and checklists.

📚 Building Blocks for Triumph

Every page and template in this planner is a well built framework that provides direction and structure. Our goal? to maintain mental clarity while reducing turmoil and pointless distractions in your life. Even the design of the main menu has been simplified, clearing away extraneous items and taking into account what neurodivergent brains really want.

🚀 Your Journey to Achievement

Are you prepared to collaborate with a planner that really understands and meets your needs? Say goodbye to perplexing alternatives and welcome a simple, neurodivergent-friendly planning process. Your best option for flourishing is this!

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The Future ADHD Planner is compatible with a number of annotation programs, including those for Apple, Android, and the majority of Windows-based devices. for a complete list of supported hardware and suggested applications.


No, this is not a stand-alone app. The Future ADHD Planner is a planner file with an internal link and menu structure that was created to function well with specialized annotation programs. While some installation may be necessary, we provide setup training videos to help you.


In fact, you may print the digital planner just like any other PDF since both the printable and digital versions of the planner are available in PDF format. Please be advised, though:

The digital planner may not print properly on A4 or letter paper, but it gets near since it is designed for tablet screen size and proportions.

Because the digital planner’s backdrop isn’t perfectly white, it’s crucial to change your print settings to prevent the background color from using too much ink.


The digital planner was made specifically to be used in portrait mode. To ensure a focused and distraction-free planning experience, this layout decision was made intentionally. We advise avoiding landscape mode since it could add extraneous items and distractions, making portrait mode the best choice.

Digital Download

  • You will get a digital download of this planner since it was created to be used with iPads and other tablet computers that support annotation software. You won’t get any shipment of goods. Inside the planner are user instructions and installation instructions. The planner should work for you “as is,” but you may also replicate the pages as you need them for your own usage.
  • Please provide your e-mail address when purchasing